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Leading Truck Dispatching & Log Book Services

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01 Step into Efficiency

CETUS PRO team will help you step into a world of efficiency, where streamlined dispatching sets the stage for your success.

02 Drive with Confidence

Drive with confidence as our expert team works behind the scenes, ensuring your operations are optimized and seamless. With CETUS PRO comprehensive logbook solutions

03 Log your Success

Effortlessly track and document your accomplishments, paving the way for a path of triumph. Experience the power of efficiency, confidence, and success with CETUS PRO


Discover the game-changing advantages of Cetus Pro Dispatch for your trucking business. Our comprehensive and streamlined truck dispatching services ensure optimal efficiency, allowing you to focus on what you do best – delivering success on the road. With our expert team at the helm, you’ll experience seamless coordination, timely communication, and optimized routes that maximize your productivity.


CETUS PRO Seamless Communication

Discover the power of seamless communication with Cetus Pro. Our highly skilled dispatchers specialize in sourcing top-tier freights, with our comprehensive daytime and nighttime operations, including 3rd Shift Dispatch, we ensure constant support. Trust in our extensively trained dispatchers, who undergo a rigorous 3-month program before directly engaging with drivers.
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Empowering Drivers, Fueling Success

Cetus Pro puts truck drivers first, empowering them and igniting their success. We deeply value work-life balance and customize schedules to seamlessly integrate with their personal lives. As a family-oriented company, we wholeheartedly embrace our drivers, treating them as cherished members of our extended family. At Cetus Pro, drivers take charge, as their needs and preferences are our utmost priority.

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Where Trucking Meets Technology

Empowering Trucking with Cutting-Edge Technology

Discover the dynamic fusion of trucking and technology at Cetus Pro services. Our highly skilled dispatchers excel in utilizing industry-leading software solutions, including TMS Systems and ELDs. Through our advanced Google Cloud Network, we optimize communication between brokers and carriers, fostering efficiency and precision.

Cetus Pro Keep your wheels on motion!

Keep your wheels in motion and your clients happy with Cetus Pro. Our professional dispatch service is your solution to lower operational costs and maximize efficiency in your trucking operations. With our dedicated team at the helm, we streamline dispatching, ensuring seamless communication and optimized routes. Take the leap towards success by contacting us today.
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